ECO SYSTEM is committed to preserving and enriching the environment through our businesses,mainly the recycling of roof tiles.
Ecosystem is also a company name and philosophy. It is mission to establish an ecosystem through roof tile recycling.
Permeable Paving Material with Aggregate Made From Recycled Roof Tiles
Water Retentive Paving Material with Aggregate Made From Recycled Roof Tiles
Permeable Resin Paving Material with Aggregate Made From Recycled Roof Tiles

As the pioneer of roof tile recycling, we have been chosen by a number of businesses, local governments , and laboratories all over Japan. Our established know-how of developing recycled products utilizing roof tiles is central to our trust, along with our nationwide franchise network (K-Ground System) which enables our partners to share the knowledge and resources. With several promising joint research and development projects ongoing, we have been striving to achieve the ideal ecosystem, mainly through recycling roof tiles.

Roof tile is a resource to be recycled
Recycling of Roof Tiles

 A large number of roof tiles need to be discarded as industrial waste. In Japan, the annual total volume is assumed to be approximately a million tons. Most of the roof tiles usually go into landfills and are buried, yet because of their shape, they generally require a great deal of space when buried, and therefore have long been unwanted in the landfills. However, they can also be attractive, highly functional materials, once recycled, due to their overwhelmingly high water retention capacity, unique colors, and unique, beautiful design. We have spent years, through numerous trials and errors, in commercializing the materials and developed our K-Ground Series. Nowadays, our planet is facing the issue of CO2 emission, and the low-carbon, eco-friendly society is to be desired. We are proudly producing our products as one of the solutions and contribution to our society. The roof tile pavement is a very cool pavement, as shown in the photo below.

Roof tile pavement is cool !

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ECOSYSTEM has expertise and experience regarding the recycling of roof tiles, one of which is producing chips from discarded roof tiles. Our main products are environmentally-friendly paving or walling materials (several hundreds of installation experience). Based on these know-how and achievements, we have the nationwide franchise network in order to promote the ecosystem. The franchise can be acquired not only by construction businesses wishing to expand into a new market but also by companies from different industries. We highly recommend that you adopt our long-standing business model, especially under today’s severe business circumstances.

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Case examples of water retention pavement, water permeable pavement, roof tile etc.

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