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ECOSYSTEM is aiming to create the eco-system through the recycling of roof tiles, protecting the earth environment and passing down our beautiful nature to future generations.

Pictures of Example Projects (recycling of roof tiles)

We have paved a number of roads or squares with recycled roof tiles, all of which we call “artwork.” Hoping for a bright future with our eco-friendly roof tile pavements, we make every effort to create each work elaborately.


Sales and Technical Department Uda Masaru

Take a look at our installation examples at various sites.

K-Ground C Permeable & Water Retentive Pavement with Aggregate Made from Recycled Roof Tiles

Our main paving product. Specially produced permeable and eco-friendly materials with high water retention capacity.

K-Ground Co Permeable & Water Retentive Pavement with Aggregate Made from Recycled Roof Tiles

This product is characterized by high water retention capacity and strength. Chips (aggregate) made from recycled roof tiles shine when exposed to light, creating unique expressions. Retention is approximately 15 – 20 liters of water per square meter. The strength is designed to be 21N/mm2 (adjustable) in 4 weeks.

K-Ground R Permeable Resin Pavement

Permeable pavement utilizing special resin. The natural color of the recycled roof tiles is visible, creating the impression of water-jet-finished pavement.

K-Ground Coat Functional Coating with High Heat Insulation for Pavement

The natural color of the recycled roof tiles is visible. No pigments used. The natural color of the aggregate does not fade even after abrasion. Having high heat resistance. According to our tests, the surface temperature can be 3 to 4 ℃ lower than that of conventional heat resistant coatings.

Kawara Chip Anti-Weed landscaping Gravels

This product is an aggregate made from recycled roof tiles. You can just lay the chips on your garden. It is easy to install as an environmentally-friendly landscaping gravel. The aggregate used in these chips has high water retention capacity and therefore encourages the healthy growth of trees and plants.

Kawarakabe Plastering Materials with Japanese Beautiful Design

This product is a plastering material with aggregate made from recycled roof tiles. Natural design with clay-like surface. The surface can be finished with metal trowel or brush coating, creating a sharp and sophisticated appearance. This surface releases and absorbs moisture, providing a more comfortable living space.

Soil paving materials, terrazzo tiles, and others

It is a paving material like soil. Some have tiles, some do not. It is also possible to use local soil, solidify with a solidifying agent, and perform construction. In addition, we also provide terrazzo tiles, various color thin-layer pavement products, and terrazzo products using various seeds.

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With the recycled roof tiles, you can provide environmentally-conscious materials with beautiful designs. ECOSYSTEM has the know-how and nationwide franchise network. Why don’t you create the ecosystem with us, while taking advantage of your existing business model swiftly expanding into the environmental business market.

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K-Ground Co
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Pictures of Installation Examples

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