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     Approved by MLIT:  NETIS HR-140003

K-Ground Coat is a coating for pavements, with the aggregate sprayed within the emulsion. Along with its non-slip surface and beautiful design, it is high in heat insulation, durability and visibility, and is easily installed.


K-Ground Coat Non-Slip Heat Insulating Coating for Pavements, with Aggregate Made from Recycled Roof Tiles

K-Ground Coat aims to provide community roads with safe accessibilty for both pedestrians and cyclists, even in narrow environments. This new, recycled product allows narrow roads or streets- for which we usually have difficulty installing sidewalks - to be refreshed, transforming the scenery of old towns into new community spaces. The natural color of the roof tiles help add brightness to the road, enhance visibility for both pedestrians and cyclists, and improve their awareness of road safety. This coating can be easily applied existing pavements, which greatly reduces the amount of repair work, while refreshing the surface.

In recent years, it is recommended that sidewalks be separated from cycling paths,which makes our coating highly suitable. In addition, its durability well surpasses the required standard for public roads, and its non-slip surface makes this product suitable for flat or hilly roads.

Texture Types for Our Paving Materials

KG-Coat Red
KG-Coat Red Brown1
KG-Coat Red Brown2
KG-Coat Dark Brown
KG-Coat Black Brown
KG-Coat Black
KG-Coat Beige
Red Brown
Red Brown

These types have the natural color of the roof tiles, characterized by soft textures. The color can vary from red, black to beige.

Advantages and Uses for Our Paving Materials



・High heat insulation


・High durability

・Available in various colors

・Easy installation and refreshment of existing pavements




・Garden paths

・Cycle paths

・Parking lots

・Squares, etc.


This is an award-winning product (Ishikawa Prefecture Eco-Design 2012).

Ishikawa Ecodesign Award 2012

Data for K-Ground Coat

■Basic Data

Additional Information

Abrasion Resistance
Mg / per 100 rotations


Japanese Industrial Standards requires:200 mg and under(JIS K5665 3-No.1)

Skid Resistance
 BPN Required Resistance : 40 and above

High durability non-slip surface.


■Thermography Test


We sprayed K-Ground Coat to the surface of asphalt, and obtained the following thermography data. It is confirmed that there is a significant difference in the temperature.


■Room Temperature Comparison ( in comparison with normal heat insulating painting )


Room Temperature Comparison Results(K Ground-Coat VS Normal heat insulating paint: brown color )

Compared with conventional heat insulating paint, K-Ground Coat shows a lower surface temperature.

Pictures of Installation Examples.

能美市浜町歩道 美川健康センター あがた公園

Click here for pictures.

K-Ground Coat Color

K-Ground Coat Color Non Slip Coating for Pavements, with Aggregate Made From Recycled Roof Tiles

Sister Product to K-Ground Coat. Utilizing pigments available in various colors.

*These colors are available.


K-Ground C
K-Ground Co
K-Ground R
K-Ground Cort



Pictures of Installation Examples

K-Ground System For Joining our Franchise

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