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Kawara (Japanese Roof Tile) Chip is high in both permeability and water retention capacity. The various uses include, depending on your purpose, landscaping, anti-weed mulch, gardening, creating better soil environment for tree roots, etc.

Kawara Chip


As this product utilizes roof tiles as aggregate (Kawara Chip), it can prevent puddles and water reflection. Additionally, the chips can help prevent the growth of weeds when laid, since roof tiles are made of hardened ceramic and contain no organic materials.
With these functions, our Kawara Chip can create a beautiful, anti-weed environment. Surprisingly, it is also scientifically proven that these chips can encourage the growth of plants, when mixed with organic soil or compost. (See the related article PDF: 1625KB) Anti-weed sheets can be used together to make our Kawara Chip more weed-resistant. We use special non-woven fabric (strong, porous, and permeable) for the sheets.

With our Kawara Chip …

The chips brighten your private garden. Their natural, soft color perfectly complements your plants! They can also protect the soil and plants from heavy rain, while preventing mud from spreading to your building.

Kawara Chip and Anti-Weed Sheet

This anti-weed sheet strongly prevents weeds from growing under it. Kawara Chip alone has some anti-weed effect, but we recommend using both the chips and the sheet for more complete prevention. If you have trouble with weeds, puddles, or water reflection, simply laying these chips and sheets can make your place surprisingly bright, clean and comfortable. In addition, the natural soft color of the chips can match all styles of buildings, whether they are Western, European, or Japanese.

Roof Tile chip Environmental Analysis

ECO SYSTEM conducts annual soil condition analysis, including a dissolution test and soil content analysis, to confirm its safety. *We use roof tiles discarded in Ishikawa Prefecture for the tests.

Installation Examples

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K-Ground Co
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Pictures of Installation Examples

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