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We, the ECOSYSTEM Inc. to realize the philosophy, the global environment To protect and preserve the beautiful nature to the next generation, through the recycling of roof tiles, We will establish an ecosystem.

For Our Partners(Franchisees & Distributors)

In our mass production and consumption society, a great deal of industrial waste is discharged, including roof tiles, typically from demolition sites. The roof tiles do not always go to landfills because of their shape and disposal costs are increasing year by year. Under these circumstances, we have developed K-Ground. By crushing these discarded roof tiles, we recycle them as permeable paving materials or complex concrete products. They have water retention capacity, reflect relatively little heat, repel water, are easy to install and walk on, and therefore can be attractive products surpassing their rival products. In addition, environmental businesses such as greening or barrier-free solutions are being recognized at the moment, with the government’s environmental budget expected to keep rising. Again, our K-Ground System allows you to join this breakthrough recycling business. As of today, we are proud that most of the Japanese roof tile recycling business (paving, walling, etc.) is supported by our technology.

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