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K-Ground C is a special concrete product which utilizes cement and a special mineral admixture as the solidifying agent, plus discarded roof tiles as the aggregate. With its high permeability, water retention capacity, and beautiful design, it is chosen for both public and private pavements.

K-Ground C Permeable Paving Material with Aggregate Made from Recycled Roof Tiles

ECOSYSTEM has developed special permeable paving materials and composite concrete products, as aggregate. Our products have relatively little heat reflection, are not slippery and easy to walk on, which creates ideal pavements for the elderly, children, and disabled people. Additionally, they can reduce CO2 emission and prevent the heat island effect, making them suitable to create environmentally-conscious pavements.

Textures Types for Our Paving Materials


These are porous concrete products with aggregate made from recycled roof tiles. By utilizing roof tiles as aggregate, our products can be high in both permeability and water retention.


■Color Types

Advantages and Uses of Our Paving Materials

・Highly Permeable (Rainfall percolates down into the soil: recirculation of rainwater)
・Highly Water Retentive
・Amazingly Beautiful Designs for Pavements


Data for K-Ground C

K-Ground C 13N/㎜2
Approved by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism /
Approved by Ishikawa Prefecture /
Approved and registered as innovative technology by Gunma Prefecture / etc.
K-Ground C Half 18N/㎜2

※K-Ground C and K-Ground C-Half differ in terms of aggregate materials and strength.

Product Test for Permeability

Permeable Paving Materials with Water Retention Capacity: K-Ground C And
Permeable Resin Paving Materials: K-Ground R
400cc water percolates within 4.16 seconds! Can be used under heavy rain.

Enhanced Image of the Permeability Test (K-Ground C): Water percolates very quickly.

Product Test for Water Absorption and Retention

Water can be absorbed due to capillary action. The test shows that paving with 10cm thickness can retain approximately 15 to 18 litters of water per square meter.


Installation Examples

 Uchinada-machi General Park The Road of SAISEI Kannon-yama Family Park

Click Here For the Pictures.

K-Ground C
K-Ground Co
K-Ground R
K-Ground Cort



Pictures of Installation Examples

K-Ground System For Joining our Franchise

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